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Youth Empowerment 


Raising Little Champions for a Better Future! 

This is a youth-focused empowerment coaching program to help young minds learn, heal and create innovative strategies, giving them the opportunity to nurture their potential and create a promising future. 


Modeled after the methodologies of leading child development specialists and renowned figures like Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Dr. Dan Siegel, Dr. Dain Heir with Access Consciousness, and Dr. Matt James with Empowerment Inc., this program utilizes researched tools + techniques often overlooked in traditional youth counseling and therapy. 


Designed to facilitate greater awareness and to transform your child's perception of themself and the world, to encourage inner security, self-love and connection. 


Virtual and In-Person Coaching



Structured for Success and Nurturing Potential with a Blueprint for a Brighter Future!

Step 1: Personal Discovery Session

This one-on-one session (caregiver’s included depending on the scenario) is designed to assess and identify challenges, conflicts and perceived limitations within the child’s primary environments.   

Step 2: Empowering Personal Transformation

Unlock the child’s’ full potential by reframing the limitations with empowered thoughts, beliefs, and action. 

Step 3: Actionable Wellness Strategy Development

Create a personalized positive future that incorporates practical steps and strategies, for both the primary caregiver and the child, designed to establish a sustainable routine that nurtures the physical, mental, and emotional health of the child.



Intro Special! First 3 hour-long sessions = $150

Sessions + Packages Determined by the goals desired. 

Contact me to discuss.

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