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Why Alexandra?

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Allow me to introduce myself - I am Alexandra Jacobs, also known as Ali. 

​With my  20+ years of individual training and exploration, I am dedicated to illuminating the path that will guide people through life’s transitions and the intricate landscape of sexuality, relationships, and spiritual awakenings. My mission is to empower brave souls ready to embrace their authenticity, cultivate deep intimacy, and evolve into their highest selves while navigating the challenges of this modern life. My desire is to provide a safe and sacred space for a reclamation of one's wholeness, spiritually and sexually. My unique offerings blend therapeutic massage therapy, bioenergetic release work, neuro-pathway restructuring, somatic integration, transformative breathwork, hypnosis, and sacred sexuality.  I am honored and privileged to offer comprehensive, full bodied experiences for individuals who are ready to discover and embrace their full potential and lead a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life. 


*Undergraduate Education*

My academic pursuits led me to earn a Bachelors of Science (B.S.) degree from Ithaca College, New York, in Exercise Science - a multidisciplinary field of study that focuses on the scientific principles behind human movement, physical activity, and wellness. I focused my minor education in Outdoor Leadership - expanding my training in interpersonal communication, behavioral science and leadership development. 


My undergraduate education wasn't just an academic pursuit; it was a roadmap to understanding human potential and resilience. Leading groups through wilderness expeditions, I honed skills in empathy, adaptability, and problem-solving. The wild taught me that every challenge, no matter how insurmountable it seems, has a pathway through. These lessons became the cornerstone of my coaching philosophy, helping others navigate their internal landscapes with the same grace and determination.


*Advanced Studies*

Massage Therapy- Yoga Teacher Training - Consciousness Facilitation - Meditation -

Mind Body Connection - Sexuality, Love & Relationship Coaching

I am a licensed massage therapist, trained through an intensive 825-hour therapeutic massage therapy program, where I developed a deep understanding of hands-on healing. My commitment to growth led me to a comprehensive 200-hour yoga teacher training program, further broadening my expertise.


I went on to become Certified as a Master Psych-K ® & Access Consciousness ® Facilitator, in the realms of consciousness facilitation and energy work, which sharpened my ability to perceive and interact with the subtle energies within us. This training allowed me to identify hidden blockages, foster energetic balance, and uncover untapped potentials in the mind and body. Through practices such as the OSHO® meditation, I've deepened my understanding of inner harmony, mindfulness, and the power of focused intention, facilitating true inner peace and connection for my clients.


My studies also extend into the intricate dynamics of Sexuality, Love, and Relationship Coaching. Here, I've explored the nuances of intimacy, communication, and connection, learning to guide individuals and couples towards more fulfilling, authentic, and loving relationships. This specialized coaching enhances emotional intelligence, sexual well-being, and inter-relational harmony, creating a more balanced life.

*Leadership Development*

My 15-year tenure in sales team leadership allowed me to further refine my ability to motivate, guide, and inspire. This experience wasn't just about numbers and targets; it was about human connection, growth, and the art of effective communication.  I learned that I had a passion to lead with integrity, confidence, and vision. It helped me see my resonant calling, to empower individuals to forge their paths, drive innovation, and make a meaningful impact.

*Personal Recovery Journey*

But perhaps the most transformative experience was my personal path of sobriety and recovery from addiction. This journey wasn't a detour but rather a profound insight into the human soul, strength, and the power of redemption. I learned to conquer my demons and, in the process, uncovered techniques to help others do the same.

*Training & Certifications*

Complementing my formal education, I underwent intensive training in therapeutic massage therapy from the esteemed Rocky Mountain Institute of Healing Arts. I am Certified as a Master Psych-K® Facilitator and Access Consciousness The Bars® Facilitator. I am trained in the OHSO® Meditation - Reminding Yourself of the Forgetting Language of Talking to the BodyMind. Additionally, I have completed advanced level trainings as a Yoga Instructor, Be The Love YTT, Mastering Touch Integrative Body Work, Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki Level 1 & 2 and am currently working to complete my Certification as a VITA® Sex, Love and Relationship Coach. 



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