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Integrative Massage


 Integrative Massage with Hot Stones, Gua Sha, Ancient Cupping Therapy and Bioenergetic Release Work for Healing Chronic Pain  


~Exclusively In-Person~ 

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Integrative Massage is a breakthrough system to eliminate chronic pain. It's an exclusively in-person treatment that is guided by my unique methodology, The Goddex Codes®. If you can't meet in person, check out my Integrative Breakthrough Healing which can be done virtually.

Integrative Massage uses energy medicine and embodiment tools to explore the relationship between your subconscious beliefs and the pain in your body. I use a holistic and intuitive approach to empower you to connect through the subtle energies and sensations in your body to create awareness and deep dealing, allowing you to embody your highest version of self!


This elevated treatment is tailored to the needs of each individual client, using a blend of techniques, such as, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu, Neuromuscular + Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Hot Stones, Gua Sha and Cupping. My multi-faceted approach is influenced by bioenergetics and ancient Chinese healing modalities focusing on reducing the stress and inflammation in the body so you can live in a pain-free body! 


I enhance the treatment with hot stones for deep muscle relaxation and detoxification, as well as, gua sha to relieve muscle and joint pain and increase circulation in the soft tissue. And lastly, cupping for its unique ability to promote healing in the connective tissue and reduce inflammation. I offer guided meditative facilitation as well as breath work techniques to support the emotional and energetic releases that can accompany bodywork, encouraging you back to your natural alignment and essential self


John shared after his session, "Ali is like no other. Her knowledge, ability, and love of healing sets her apart. This is NOT your run of the mill rub down. This is an intuitive experience that will leave you in a better spot mentally, emotionally, and physically. Don’t delay or deny yourself this for another moment."

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