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The VITA Method™

$.ex, Love & Relationship Coaching


"Vitally Integrative Tantric Approach"

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About The VITA Method™

I have been in a deep dive coaching program to expand my coaching mastery in the area of $exuality, love, and relationships for the past 15 months. I have been studying under Layla Martin’s VITA® Coaching Methodology, who has studied and practiced classical tantric philosophy and created a powerful process to empower clients to discover who they truly are and be fully realized in the areas of $.ex, love and relationships. The VITA® coaching  methodology is trauma informed, body centered (somatic), rooted in neuroscience, and infused with ancient practices. 

This program truly is based on a collaborative healing and transformative coaching process that helps discover the blockages and barriers, integrate the shadow and toxicity stored in your nervous system, and guides you into embodying your emotions, sensations, and highest truth. 


I am currently working on completing my coaching practicums. I have already coached over 40+ hours with peers and now it’s time to coach outside clients. These sessions are being offered at a discounted price with the agreement that there will be an exchange of feedback and testimonials during and after the process that I can use to help spread the magnificence of this work with others. 

I am blessed to be able to continue studying and specializing in the areas of women’s empowerment, life transitions, relationship transformation, conscious dating, female and male $.exuality, and tantric $.ex so I will be continuing my education for another year or two, so stay tuned!! 

Everything expresses itself through the body!


The greatest s.ex, love and relationships exists in your TRUTH. 

This is a somatic coaching process. We are working with all levels of the nervous system and the being -  spiritually, energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically. 

What do you really want in $.ex, love and relationship? 

What do you want to learn in this lifetime? 

What experiences do you desire? 

Do you want to learn about yourself and recover your authentic truth?


Do you want to:
-Eradicate loneliness
-Chart your own destiny
-Embody wholeness 
-Improve nervous system regulation 
-Be free from jealousy

-Release $.exual shame 

-Experience $.exual bliss

-Explode into incredible orgasmic joy  

If you do, you can’t rely on the old systems anymore, it’s time to go inwards. It's time to learn to sit in the uncomfortable and maximize your truest potential! 

I want to help you create the destiny of your dreams, through an integrated and regulated nervous system, through your body and mind, and in alignment with your deepest soul truth. 

This is a process of discovery, awareness and choice.


It’s a way of effectively empowering you to find your own answers and trust in your knowing. Ultimately, it’s about giving you your power of choice back and awakening your own agency. 

You will fundamentally change how you view yourself as a $.exual being, how you understand relationship and how you love. 


You will carry this with you for the rest of your live. 

Feel free to fill this form out below and we can schedule a complimentary session and you'll be able to experience whether our work together would be beneficial or not. 


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