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First Visit? What to expect...


At Empowered Living, we believe everyone should be able to take advantage of the wonderful therapeutic and life changing benefits of bodywork for self-discovery. We are committed to ensuring that every time you visit, it will be a healing & fulfilling experience. When you arrive at Empowered Living, you will be greeted by one of our empowered practitioners and asked to fill out an Initial Wellness History. This form is where you can record any medical history, past or present injuries, and other physical conditions or contraindications to massage that we should be aware of. Your therapist will then review this with you and discuss why you’ve scheduled a session and what you’d like to receive from your session that day.


Starting Your Session


Your therapist will then take you to a therapy room where your session will take place. In this room will also be a small consultation area where you and your therapist can sit down and further discuss anything in your Wellness History. After this conversation, your therapist will leave the room and wait outside while you prepare for your bodywork. You will disrobe to your comfort level and may leave your personal belongings on the table or chair where you just had your consultation. Once disrobed, you will lie either, face down or face up, on the massage table under the top sheet and blanket). You can call your therapist by name to let them know you are ready, or wait as they will have allowed you a few minutes for this process and will knock before entering to make sure you are ready for your session.


Our tables are complete with padding and heat which can be adjusted to your preference. During your massage, you will be draped with the top sheet at all times. Your therapist will uncover parts of your body throughout the session to provide massage, and will respect your modesty at all times. If at any point you are uncomfortable, just let the therapist know and adjustments to the draping can be made to ensure you feel secure and safe while you are on the table.


There will be relaxing music playing upon entering the room. If you have any musical preferences for your session, please let the therapist know and that can be easily honored. Some people like to talk during a massage while others prefer to meditate and receive without conversation. Honor what feels best for you. Your therapist will follow your lead. 


During Your Session


Your therapist should remind you that if at anytime during your massage, a technique or stroke is uncomfortable to provide that feedback immediately. Depending on the Empowered Bodywork offering you choose & the Wellness History conversation you’ve had, your therapist will perform a customized bodywork session focusing on the areas you have specifically requested. Your therapist will check in with you throughout your session, but if you have feedback on pressure, room lighting, music, temperature, etc., please let us know right away.


After Your Session


Once your massage therapy session is complete, your therapist will leave the room so you may re-dress. When you are ready, you may open the door to let your therapist know. At this time, you will be led back to the front of the studio for payment if you haven’t already done so, or led to the community room if you’ve chosen to use your oxygen bar session that comes complimentary with your massage.


Your therapist should remind you that hydrating after your massage is so important, as water flushes out the toxins that were released during your session. Effectively rehydrating your muscles can significantly help to reduce potential soreness.


Infinite possibility awaits you now.

Many Blessings! 

Durango Access Consciousness Massage Therapy at Empowered Living is for those who seek a more intentional massage, creating harmony on a physical, psychological and spiritual level. Call now to awaken your body’s ability to heal itself and to create more possibility in your life!

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