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Somatic Embodiment

Somatic Embodiment is a blend of Psych-K® Facilitation & Integrative Therapeutic Massage used to encourage emotional healing, physical relaxation & spiritual awakening.  Additionally, it is an interactive focused approach that establishes a connection between the disharmony within the mind and how that correlates with the tension in your body.

The process allows you to transcend the ways that you have behaved, believed, felt, or expressed yourself in the world and in your body. 

Sessions unfold organically and are guided by the superconscious quantum field, reprogramming the subconscious patterning and empowering you to evolve and embody your highest version of self and celebrate a life that is unapologetically yours.


By using hot stones, therapeutic cupping, facilitated balances, and other massage therapy modalities you can experience a release of the muscular tension and greater expansion through the energetics of your body.

-Ali Jacobs, Empowered Living Creator

Consciousness Facilitator & Licensed Massage Therapist

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