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Psych-K® Facilitation

Psych-K® Facilitation is a method that aligns subconscious beliefs with conscious wisdom to accelerate individual  evolution, a greater sense of purpose and inner contentment. It’s a process that assumes everyone has their own answers that can be drawn from the Quantum Field in which their consciousness resides.


The Psych-K® Balance integrates both hemispheres of the brain, producing a whole-brain state that allows us to experience inner transformation, improved and sustainable behaviors, thoughts and mindset.


The results may be felt quickly or may evolve over time.


This offers people an opportunity to expand their state of awareness to experience profound change, remember their magnificence and quickly and effortlessly transform beliefs that are limiting their full expression and potential in their body & life.


Remote or In-Person Sessions Available.

-Ali Jacobs, Empowered Living Creator

Consciousness Facilitator & Licensed Massage Therapist

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