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Testimonials from Clients

Lizz gave us 5 Stars

"Relaxing to invigorating massage with the advantage of Access treatment to make it more unique and healing. Ali is intuitive, an excellent listener, and a true healer!"


Alisha gave us 5 Stars

"At 39 weeks pregnant I was really feeling the pains of the final week of pregnancy not to mention the anxiety. I booked an appointment with Ali Jacobs for a very much needed prenatal massage where I received a gentle relaxing massage that relieved pain, stress, and anxiety and helped me manage the rest of my pregnancy which ended up a week over my due date! So thankful for Ali I couldn't have made it without her!!!"


Jordan gave us 5 Stars

"I walked into Empowered Living on a whim, having no idea what to expect and I couldn't have been more pleased with my visit. Not only does Ali have an amazing, fun, and engaging personality, but she also knows EXACTLY what she is talking about. She doesn't just "preach" this stuff- she lives it and it is evident in her personal approach to your wellness goals. As a Christian, I was a bit nervous to walk-in afraid it might be a tad bit too "New Age" for me but I was so pleased to see that Ali welcomes all individuals from all faiths and that ANYONE would immediately feel comfortable working with her and learning her practices. I wish I lived closer so that I could go back more regularly."


Reilly gave us 5 Stars

"I have been a student of Ali's yoga classes for 9 months now. Ali's passion for yoga and healing radiates through her teaching. I know that every time I step on my mat that Ali will guide me in not only my Asana but in my spiritual practice as well. Offering adjustments and day to day meditations, Ali is a magic worker who brings light and well-being to her students!"


Stephanie gave us 5 Stars

"Ali really worked some magic! My hips and lower back were killing me, Ali opened up my hips and worked a whole lot of kinks out of my back. The combo stretching and massage is definitely a key for me. Plus I really like the Apothecanna and essential oils she uses."

Empowered Living is a place where bodywork and facilitation are used to create conscious choice to encourage nurturing & transformative change.

Katie gave us 5 Stars

"Ali is so sweet and very good at her job. The massage room is so cozy ❤️"


Noelle gave us 5 Stars

"Excellent! I would recommend them to anyone!!"


Amber gave us 5 Stars

"Very relaxing and enlightening! Great atmosphere!"


Courtney gave us 5 Stars

"Allie is truly a gift. She is thoughtful, attuned to my body, and gracious with her energy. She’s one the best masseuses I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been getting massage regularly for over 10 years from various providers. I love how she incorporates CBD lotions into her massages and also uses essential oils. Highly-rated!"


Barbara gave us 5 Stars

"I was in desperate need of a massage and went to Empowered Living. My experience there was just what I needed. Ali gave me my first cannabis oil massage and her techniques were awesome. I will definitely be going back for these on a regular basis. She has an oxygen bar to offer as well. Durango is lucky to have a business like this."


Cara gave us 5 Stars

"I had a beautiful experience with a gypsy tarot reading done by Ali! 💗 The messages were absolutely resonant with everything going on in my current journey. Her detailed explanation of the cards, their meanings and how everything is connected in my life blew my mind! I highly recommend giving it a try with Ali. It's a unique twist on tarot readings I've never seen and offers a lot of things to ponder upon for healing and growth."

John gave us 5 Stars

"Ali is like no other.
Her knowledge, ability, and love of healing sets her apart.
This NOT your run of the mill rub down.
This is an intuitive experience that will leave you in a better spot mentally, emotionally, and physically.
Don’t delay or deny yourself this for another moment."


Leah gave us 5 Stars

"I received the most amazing massage I’ve ever had from Ally! I’m not just saying this, I’ve graciously received a lot of massages over the years but nothing ever as intuitive and deeply healing as this. Her use of cupping and hot stones left my body feeling brand new. She released places of pain and trauma in my body that have been lingering for years. The space is also very professional, welcoming, and nurturing. I will be back on the regular!"

John gave us 5 Stars

"Had my first massage from Ali last week - left with another scheduled. amazing experience - having had numerous massage therapist, i was very impressed and certainly appreciated the well rounded services i received. two thumbs up - can't wait for my next one."

Chris gave us 5 Stars

"Ali is the definition of professional. Every session is unique. Ali takes the time and effort and has the know how to determine which of her numerous techniques will benefit the most based on your current state of being. I honestly wouldn’t consider anyone else. A true game changer. Top notch on all levels. She’s legitimately a hidden gem."

Nicole gave us 5 Stars

"Ali gives an amazing massage! I love that she uses CBD infused and essential oils. It smelled really good and helped me relax. Her massage took away a lot of stress and made me feel amazing! I didn't want it to end and I will be coming back for more!"

Carolyn gave us 5 Stars

"Ali at Empowered Living is phenomenal! I would recommend going for just a massage or for any access consciousness tools you're looking for :)
Cbd infused 02 is also amazing... I was suffering from planter fasciitis (for about a month!) and left with no pain."

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