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Wellness Empowerment 


It's time to address the root cause, rather than masking the symptoms, is it not?

Wellness Empowerment Coaching is an innovative approach designed to elevate your physical health and overall vitality, while enhancing your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, launching you into an entirely new stratosphere of wellness!


Modeled by researched methodologies of leading wellness strategists and renowned figures like Layla Martin, Dr.Bruce Lipton, and Dr.Matt James with Empowerment Inc., this program utilizes researched tools + techniques often overlooked in traditional wellness consulting. This program combines integrative mindset coaching and ancient healing practices, a unique blend of somatic embodiment and empowerment breakthrough techniques that support you releasing the root cause so healthier thought patterns can emerge and momentously evolve into habits that transform your life!


Mental and emotional health can be complex, but with cutting-edge researched techniques there is an easier way! This program is designed to transform your personal and professional well-being, by focusing on identifying and overcoming the limiting beliefs and lifestyle imbalances that have been holding you back and hindering your progress. By addressing these key areas, you can breakthrough the barriers that have kept you stagnant, cultivating a life rich in purpose, emotional harmony and overall vitality. This approach is designed not just to create momentum, but to sustain it, empowering you to lead and live with unparalleled effectiveness and holistic wellness.

What else would be possible if you were no longer being debilitated by the constant negative thoughts and weight of anger, fear, sadness, anxiety, hurt, shame, guilt or grief? 


I help treat what is standing in the way of a life without anxiety, relationship conflict, dissociative disorders, PTSD, debilitating triggers, OCD habits, depression, low self-esteem, doubt, overwhelming grief, insomnia, poor concentration, racing thoughts, and addictive behaviors. 

Let's unlock the magic of your mind, the wisdom of your body and activate your highest truth and fullest expression!


By facilitating greater awareness, we can put the pieces back together that

felt broken forever!


Virtual and In-Person Coaching



Structured for Success and Wellness Mastery 

to Optimize Vitality + Holistic Health!

Step 1: Personal Discovery Session

Begin with a deep dive into your current state of well-being. This one-on-one session is designed to assess your overall health, identify and understand your personal limitations or imbalances, and set desired goals for your holistic health journey.   

Step 2: Empowering Personal Transformation
Unlock your full potential by reprogramming the limitations with empowered thoughts, beliefs, and action. 

Step 3: Actionable Wellness Strategy Development

Create a personalized wellness plan that incorporates practical steps for maintaining and enhancing your wellness and vitality. This includes setting tailored and achievable goals, developing effective health strategies, and establishing a sustainable routine that nurtures your physical, mental, and emotional health.



 Determined by the goals desired. 

Contact me to discuss.

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