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Empowerment Breakthrough


Breakthrough + Be a Champion for a Better Tomorrow

Three intensive coaching sessions, tailored to dive deep into a specific area of your life so you can uncover your personal narrative and persistent patterns that have shaped your life. Then we identify the root causes, release the mental and emotional blockages to pave the way for new empowering beliefs. Then with clarity and insights gained, we frame a positive and compelling future, setting you on the path towards achieving your goals and realizing your potential. 


Modeled after Dr. Matt James with Empowerment Inc. leading edge breakthrough process. This program utilizes researched tools + techniques designed to pave the way for a future filled with clarity, purpose, and empowerment. The process will facilitate greater awareness and transform an area of your life, providing the opportunity and momentum needed to unlock your greatest power and purpose. 


Virtual and In-Person Coaching



A Guaranteed Blueprint for a Brighter Future!

Day 1: Personal Discovery Session + Uncovering the Core

In our first session, we embark on a comprehensive exploration of your personal history in a chosen life area. This deep dive aims to uncover hidden challenges, persistent patterns, and underlying beliefs that have shaped your experiences. It's a journey to the core of your personal narrative, revealing insights often veiled by the surface of everyday awareness.

Day 2: Release the Blockages to Empower Personal Transformation

The second session focuses on identifying the root causes of the issues unearthed in our initial exploration. We work together to understand and release these blockages, employing a range of techniques that may include guided reflection, mindset shifts, and mental + emotional release strategies. This crucial phase sets the stage for transformative change, clearing the path for empowering beliefs, attitudes and a new lived experience.

Step 3: Crafting a Compelling Future + Design an Actionable Strategy

In our final session, we turn our sights forward, using the clarity and insights gained to frame a positive, compelling future. This is where your empowerment journey truly begins. We'll develop a personalized action plan that aligns with your newfound clarity, setting you on a path towards achieving your goals and realizing your potential. This session is about turning insights into action, ensuring you're equipped with the tools and mindset to navigate your journey ahead.

Contact me to discuss this live changing process, you won't regret it!

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