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Mind Body Coaching & Facilitation

I am a Mind Body coach and thought leader who facilitates those ready to embody higher states of consciousness and expand into a deeper spiritual evolution by bringing the unconscious conscious, restoring connection to self & Source and liberating love. 

This is a coaching methodology that aligns subconscious beliefs with conscious wisdom to accelerate your individual evolution, aligning you with your authentic truth and unlocking your greatest potential.  This offers people an opportunity to expand their state of awareness to experience profound change, remember their magnificence and quickly and effortlessly transform beliefs that are limiting their full expression and potential in their body & life.


This is a trauma informed, body centered, multi-dimensional process using various tools to access rapid transformation, derived from neuroscience & epigenetic research, quantum psychics, as well as ancient mind body wisdom.

I assist in bringing the unconscious conscious so it can be digested & alchemized. 

This supports a release of chronic & acute physical pain. 

This supports harmony between the two minds by creating a super learning state. 

This supports your nervous system to expand into more safety and goodness.

This supports you to self-actualize and live in your authentic truth.

This supports you to reach your soul-centered desires.


In a coaching session, I will hold a nurturing presence in a sacred container  allowing your greatness to emerge as you move through the trauma & programming held in your nervous system, guiding you back to a deep remembrance of truth and profound love. The practices will invite you to shed your illusions, reconnect to your knowing, release physical & emotional resistance and integrate a new empowered belief system, bringing your brain into neural synchronization and your body mind into harmony. 

Sessions unfold organically and are guided by the quantum field with the understanding that our thoughts affect our biology. I use breath work, meditative guidance, brain synchronization, energy work, voice sounding and body communication and movement that allows you to transcend the ways that you have behaved, believed, felt, or expressed yourself in the world and in your body. 

This is an inspired and collaborative experience to transform your life, so you can realize your deepest and most truest desires. 

-Ali Jacobs, Empowered Living Creator

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