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The Goddex Codes® Services:

1:1 Transformative Coaching & Holistic Bodywork

Offered Virtually and In-Person 

Individual Sessions or Packages Available 



The Goddex Codes® is used in all my sessions. 

1:1 Transformative Coaching - A blend of energetic processes, somatic coaching techniques and innovative tools that facilitate consciousness, connection and change for those ready to evolve. 1:1 Coaching can be done virtually or in-person.

Holistic Bodywork - A exclusively in-person treatment that blends therapeutic massage therapy, somatic coaching techniques and innovative energetic processes, such as, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, ancient cupping,  and hot stone therapy to facilitate healing of unresolved pain by uncovering emotional distress in the body and mind. 

In as little as one session, you can find relief. Healing must feel good for the results to last and for your nervous system to change.  My clients leave our sessions feeling restored and powerful. With additional sessions, you will be on the path to achieving freedom, restoration and reclamation. Between sessions, I offer simple focused practices that you can do at home to make our work together more effective.  My goal is to address your core concerns so you can manifest your life's deepest desires with clarity and inspiration.

There is no wrong way to approach your healing. It simply takes your willingness to keep going even when you feel like you want to quit. It can also take working with an expert who has the training and capacity to see around your blind spots. Start your healing journey today and get unstuck, unlock your greatest potential and live an amazing life!




In individual session is $150 an hour.

Contact me for Package Pricing. 


Contact me to discuss extended session lengths & offerings.


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