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Choose Your Therapeutic Care

Decide what level of holistic wellness would offer you the most empowered change and sign up for your transformative journey, the all-encompassing package or an individual offering. The Goddex Codes is a collaborative multi-dimensional process that promises to guide you towards a deeper understanding of yourself, improved physical vitality, emotional liberation and a renewed sense of purpose.

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The Goddex Codes® All-Encompassing

Transformative Package

My all-encompassing transformative coaching package includes all elements and stages of wellness– integrative embodiment, mind-body facilitation, empowerment mentorship, embodied leadership development, sacred sexuality, and relationship transformation. This is a transformative journey that addresses your individual holistic growth and empowerment through the synergistic benefits of combining these elements to create profound and lasting change.



The Goddex Codes® Individual Offerings

My Individual Offerings allow you to focus on a particular approach depending on what level of wellness will offer you the ability to cultivate a secure, confident foundation within yourself so you can thrive and transform.


Choose from:

Energize & Thrive 

Optavia - Nutritional Program : Energy Enhancement, Free coaching, Community and Weight Management


43CBD - Overall Vitality & Nervous System Support


Liberate & Renew

Integrative Embodiment - Hands-on Bodywork to Empower Transformative Embodied Change

Mind Body Coaching (Consciousness Facilitation) - Cultivating Empowered Beliefs for Embodied Change


Unlock Your Potential 

Empowerment Mentorship - Inspired Personal Growth

Embodied Leadership Development - Inspired Entrepreneurial Growth



Level 1:

Energize & Thrive


Nutritional Program Energy Enhancement

Free Coaching


Weight Management


Clinically proven nutritional plans, personal coaching and deep community to support you in adopting healthy habits, start your optimal health journey and reclaiming your overall nutritional wellbeing. Optavia’s Habits of Health® is a Transformational System that will help you adopt new healthy habits, known as microHabits, in six key areas: weight management, eating & hydration, mind, surroundings, motion, and sleep & energy management.



Overall Vitality


Colorado CBD Oil | USDA Organic Full & Broad Spectrum CBD. It is much more than a band with CBD products. It was a name started by friends looking to spread the idea of a natural product that could help others. It is a family who have joined together to better the health & wellbeing of themselves and the community. It is a name backed by 100% trust and transparency with third-party lab testing, organic oil, sustainable processes, and natural farming. The mission has always been to create high-quality CBD products crafted from hemp grown at local farms in Colorado.

|Individual Offerings|

Level 2:

Liberate & Renew

|Integrative Embodiment|

Hands-on Bodywork to Empower Transformative Embodied Change

A integrative transformative body-centered approach designed to help you reconnect with your body’s innate wisdom and healing capacity. Through a fusion of various modalities, including hand-on therapies, embodied awareness, mind body coaching, ancient cupping and hot stones, I facilitate the integration of your mind, body and spirit. With intuitive guided assistance, you will embrace your wholeness and vitality, release physical pains, mental tensions and emotional patterns.  


|Mind Body Coaching| (Consciousness Facilitation)  

Cultivating Empowered Beliefs for Embodied Change


A holistic and intuitive approach to personal development and healing that encourages you to explore your own inner landscape of beliefs and focuses on empowering you to become the conscious creator of your life.  We explore the connection between your subconscious and unconscious thoughts, emotions, and physical experience to align your conscious wisdom, recognizing the interconnectedness of the body and mind. Allowing you to access deeper levels of self-awareness and work towards integrating any disharmony, achieving greater well-being and harmony. Guiding you towards a life of purpose, balance and fulfillment.

Level 3:

Unlock Your Potential

|Empowerment Mentorship|

Inspired Personal Growth


With a mind-body holistic approach that recognizes that individuals are multi-dimensional beings and that true empowerment comes from aligning all aspects of oneself. By integrating coaching techniques that focus on empowering individuals to reach their full potential by addressing the interconnected nature of the mind, body and spirit, with practices that cultivate self-awareness, mindfulness and an unwavering confidence, you can experience profound shifts, achieving greater fulfillment, resilience and a sense of purpose.


|Embodied Leadership Development|

Inspired Entrepreneurial Growth


A specialized approach to leadership training and entrepreneurial development that encourages leaders to cultivate a deeper level of self-awareness, compassion and authenticity, enabling them to connect with their teams on a more profound level and inspire positive change. This approach to leadership development acknowledges that true leadership involves aligning with one’s inner values and potential to lead with purpose and impact. It focuses on integrating the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of a leader to enhance their effectiveness and authenticity. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of the mind and body, acknowledging that our physical presence, emotional intelligence, and inner state significantly impacts how we lead and influence others.

Level 4:

Soulful Connections

|Sacred Sexuality|

Embracing Your Inner Divinity

Experience a profound journey of self-discovery and connection through the power of your own sexuality. This sacred and transformative exploration of your sexuality embraces the spiritual dimensions of intimate connections. You will delve into ancient practices spiritual insights, allowing you to transcend physical boundaries and embrace the divine essence within yourself and your partner. Awaken your sensuality, deepen emotional intimacy, and foster a sacred union that transcends the ordinary, elevating your relationship to new heights of connection and love.


|Relationship Transformation|

Cultivating Intimacy


This is designed to revolutionize how you experience and nurture your relationships. Whether you’re seeking to improve communication with your partner, heal past wounds, or ignite the spark that once brought you together, this journey will empower you with practical tools and profound insights. Embrace vulnerability, authentic expression, and compassionate understanding as you and your partner embark on a transformative journey of growth and mutual support. Rekindle the passion, strengthen the bond, and create a relationship that embodies trust, respect and healthy secure love.

A Client's Transformation

"I had a lot of anxiety in my life before we started meeting and a lot of uncertainty and repression about how traumatic events in my life were effecting me for many years. I was searching for help and had been to talk therapy, read many mental health books, did a cognitive behavior therapy workbook and while those things helped a little bit, I still felt like I was searching for something more. I have less anxiety now and feel like I handle my day to day life better. When I take time for myself to reflect on situations that make me uncomfortable, I can see them in a different light and try to find the brighter side or the lesson I can learn instead. I feel our sessions helped me to lower my stress level and really got me in touch with my inner self. I’ve always felt like I’ve had to be a “strong” person who kept my emotions to myself. I am celebrating being more open about my emotions and being able to find a different kind of strength that I used to see as weakness. Giving myself the space to feel the moments, talk to myself and others about how I feel, and let go of the thoughts that would have kept me stuck in the past. I continue to do breath-work, meditations, body scans, and give myself intentional statements to continue to bring my unconscious to the conscious. I’ve been making more time for myself and spending less time doing things that were distractions from my real life. I watch less TV and put my phone down more and am living more in the moments of life. The feeling of peace that would “fill my cup” after each session. Feeling like I opened up for all the right reasons and repaired many things in my life that I thought I could never overcome or be at peace with.  I felt cared for and you did a great job to explain the process to me and gave me plenty of space to be in the moment. I really appreciate our time together, you are a beautiful person inside and out! Thank you so much for this amazing journey into self love and empowerment!" 

-Kristin D.

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