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OSHO® A 7-Day Guided Meditation Process 


"Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of


Talking to Your BodyMind"

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About This Meditation

I will be guiding you through a 1-hour meditation process called, Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind. This will be practiced over a 7-day period, for 1-hour each day. 

Everything expresses itself through the body!


“The body is the most complex mechanism in existence - it is simply marvelous. And blessed are those who marvel.” - OSHO 

Our bodies are energy, our mind is energy, our consciousness is energy and our emotions are energy in motion. When these energies are functioning in harmony, we are healthy and whole. 

This is a process that uses hypnosis trance, which means you are using your mind to help the BodyMind to deeply relax for a certain purpose, in this process, it is used for healing and befriending your own BodyMind. 

This process is about making friends with yourself, just the way you are. It is about making friends with your BodyMind and talking and listening to your BodyMind, which are one whole. The process is for healing and restoring balance in the body, emotions, mind, and our behavior patterns.

The BodyMind is always in our service. This process invites you to trust your unconscious mind. We use hypnosis so we can access the unconscious mind, because, if your conscious mind could have helped, it would have long since done so. 

We will address a symptom, specific situation or behavior  that you would like to change. Maybe something you have been fighting and struggling with and yet it hasn’t changed. 


The idea that an unwanted symptom was in fact created for our benefit, to take care of something for us, can sometimes be a new concept to us, but these unhealthy symptoms have usually started when we were young and our BodyMind was less developed and it has continued to be used as a coping, defense or survival mechanism until now. 

Some behavior patterns you might consider working with are migraines, teeth grinding, nail biting, always being late, anxiety, shyness, fear, confusion, off-balance eating/drinking patterns (addictions), chronic tension, smoking, etc. 

By communicating and learning to listen to the messages of your body you can transcend limiting beliefs and heal unresolved pains, recognizing their interconnectedness, and bringing your BodyMind back to its natural state of being, healthy, balanced and whole. 


  • Making Friends with Yourself, your Body and your Mind

  • Transcend Limiting Beliefs & Unresolved Pain

  • Learn to Listen to the Messages of your Body

  • Reconnect with your Body for Optimal Well-Being & Vitality

  • Heal Imbalances & Unresolved Pain

  • Restore Harmony in the Body and Mind

Structure of the Meditation

1. Prepare the space where you will meditate. Make it comfortable and free from disturbances.

2. Lie down or sit seated tall, close your eyes, and start relaxing your body. Begin from the toes and gradually move upwards, focusing on each part of the body and relaxing it.

3. Pay attention to your breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly, allowing yourself to enter a state of deep relaxation.

4. When instructed in the meditation, start communicating with your body and mind, out loud. Offer gratitude and love. Explore and listen intently, without judgment.

5. When instructed, visualize healing energy flowing into your body, rejuvenating every cell and tissue. Imagine your body and mind becoming aligned and harmonious.

6. Gradually bring your awareness back to the present moment. Move your fingers and toes, stretch lightly, and when ready, open your eyes.

7. You might want to keep a journal to note down any insights, feelings, or messages that arise during the meditation.

How to Prepare for the Meditation

Register with the RSVP link below

Make sure you schedule on your calendar the 1-hour meditation for 7 days


$90 for the 7-Day Meditation Facilitation

Venmo @alijacobs9


When: Wed., Jan. 17 through Tues., Jan. 23

Time: 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. MST

Where: Zoom


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