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You are already taking important steps on your very own journey of healing and empowerment. Empowered Living is a collective of practitioners offering wholistic healing for self-discovery. "A place where conscious choice leads to transformative change." Life will give you the experience that will be most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. So our goal is to address your core concerns, clear them so you can manifest your life's purpose with clarity and intention.


At Empowered Living we believe that anything is possible and that possibility starts with you! You and your body know what you need to uncover greater joy, health, connection and wellbeing in this life. We are here to help you meet your dreams and goals by providing intentional and conscious bodywork treatments & wellness plans to help you get there.


Full Pic Oxygen Bar
Hot Stone Intentional Access®
Room #1
Prenatal Massage
Acupressure Mat Intentional Massage
Room #2
Prenatal Massage
Access Bars® Community Bodywork
Reflexology Massage
Intentional Massage
Access Body Process®
Numerology Books
Apothecanna Cannabis Infused Oils
Access Body Process®
Hot stone, Craniosacral, Access
Reflexology Massage
Prenatal Massage
Hot Stones Inteional Massage
Reflexology Intentional Massage
Access Bars®
Access Body Process & Reiki
Deep Tissue Reflexology Hand Massage
Deep Tissue Intentional Massage
Deep Tissue Intentional Massage
Empowered Living Owner
Community Bodywork
Oxygen Bar
Community Bodywork
Intentional Massage with Hot Stones
Hot Stone Massage
Craniosacral Hold
Altitude Sickness Oxygen Bar
Empowered Practitioners
Apothecanna Cannabis Infused Lotions
Local Featured Mandala Artist
Marketing Material
Hot stones
Integrative Health Coaching
Consultation & Doula Room
Community Bodywork
Empowered Living Grand Opening
Empowered Living
Chair Massage
O2 Bar Aromas

What if consciousness were actually the most potent healing  force on the planet?

Would you be willing to use it to heal whatever ails you? 


There are 3 Exploration Paths to creating change in your life at Empowered Living


Drop-In Sessions for immediate support 


Offered at your home or work


Packages & Wellness plans for true transformative change


Choose the exploration path and the type of bodywork that will be a contribution to you on your journey of self-discovery, self-healing and self-creation.So the only question now is,  are you ready to embrace the brilliance of who you and your body are? Call to schedule and begin creating change now!Many blessings, may God be with you and may you believe in miracles too!Ali Jacobs, Empowered Owner  


~All in-house bodywork sessions come with FREE 10 minute use of the Oxygen Bar!~

~The Three Paths~

Express Exploration if you are looking for a drop-in session to receive immediate, affordable & effective support to create the lasting change and results you desire. Choose from any of our Express Empowered Bodywork Offerings. You also have the choice to come in for Community Bodywork or use of the Therapeutic Oxygen Bar! 


1. Intentional Massage 

Couples Massage

Cannabis Infused Massage

Access® Massage

Prenatal & Postnatal Massage

2. Access Consciousness®  

Access Bars®

Access® Massage

Access Body®

3. Oxygen Bar 


4. Community Bodywork 

Chair Massage $1/minute

Access Bars® $1/minute 

5. Yoga Instruction 

~First Path~

Mobile Exploration if you are looking for more convenience, privacy, greater ease, and increased productivity. We offer our treatment in the comfort of your own home or work place.

~Second Path~

Specialized Exploration if you are looking to create deeper transformative change through any of our packages and wellness plans. 


~Third Path~

Durango has Empowered Living for those who seek Massage Envy in Durango. We offer a much farther reaching solution to your body and soul. Reach deep, call us now. 

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