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Integrated Eastern Therapies

with Meg


Promotes healthy flow of chi (energy) and blood

Harmonizes meridians (energy channels)

Clears energy blockages

Stimulates body's self-healing process

Releases musular tension

Incourages wellness and balance

Works to bring harmony to specific organs and systems

Promotes relaxation and stress reduction

Increases physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vibrancy 


Integrated Eastern Therapies with Meg-

Meg is trained in acupressure, shiatsu and reflexology and will create a specific integrated bodywork session for your highest good using these forms. These modalities can also be requested specifically as seperate treatments. Meg will use the Chinese five element theory as a tool to design the tretments. In Chinese medicine it is believed that there is chi or energy that flows through meridians or energy channels in the body and bodywork sessions are designed to encourage the harmonious flow of chi and blood. Disease can be defined as a "lack of ease" in the body and therefore health when there is ease or harmony.


Your session will begin with a consultation to determine the treatment plan that would be most beneficial for your body, mind and spirit. During the session you will be clothed and it is recommended to wear comfortable, flexible clothing that will allow for the potential for movement and stretching.



Acupressure is a Japanese modality involving light pressure on specific powerful energy centers (acupoints) that correlate with subtle energetic channels (meridians). Accupressure promotes energetic communication between the organs, systems, and all layers and levels of the being, through inviiting harmonous flow of chi and blood. These accupoint formula’s are intentionally constructed for specific imbalances in the body, including physical, mental, emotional or spiritual symptoms.



Shiatsu is a Japanese modality where firm pressure is applied in a systematic fashion with specific rhythm and spaced intervals along meridians. This promotes health in the meridians and corresponding organ systems by clearing blocked chi and increasing blood flow. Passive stretching is incorporated to encourage the movement and flow of energy and bring health to muscles, joints and connective tissues. Masunaga, an abdominal technique, involving pressure to specific points on the abdomen, can be used to encourage further health to the internal organs. Comfortable, flexible clothes are recommended



Reflexology is a technique where speicific points on the hands a feet are massaged with textured pressure to promote health in the whole body. The whole body benifits because the feet and hands contain a holographic map of the body. Pressure to specific areas on the feet and hands can have a direct effect on the corresponding organs and systems associated. The session will complete with a relaxing swedish foot and hand massage followed by hot towels. 


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