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Embodiment Coaching

with Ali 

A Somatic Coaching Process for Brave Souls Ready to Move Beyond Core Wounds,

Embody Wholeness and Restore Soulful Connection


Virtual and In-Person Sessions


Embodiment Coaching is a somatic coaching process that can be done virtually or in-person, and is guided by my unique methodology, The Goddex Codes®, which is an initiation into awakening a soulful connection with your own being and with life itself. It goes beyond traditional therapeutic approaches with the goal of bringing the mind, body and spirit back into harmony. This is a comprehensive and multifaceted pathway towards healing and unlocking your potential.  Rooted in tantric philosophy and the sacred teachings of Magdelena, you will surrender into the remembrances of your true self, tap into your innate power and experience spiritual + sexual wholeness. 


Embodiment coaching that focuses on intimacy, eros, conscious sensuality,  and holistic sexuality is essentially about helping you tap into your power and wisdom to cultivate awareness and deeper connection. It helps you feel more confident and empowered in your self expression, as well as your sexual expression. When you feel confident in these areas, you can translate that into your career, relationships and life.


I'll help you explore your desires, overcome any barriers or insecurities, and learn how to connect more deeply with yourself in a way that feels authentic and fulfilling. You'll open your intuition and harness a new life force energy! It's about embracing and celebrating your unique desires and experiences while discovering new ways to experience intimacy and connection that will transform your life.


Sessions may include guided visualization, sacred breathwork, mindfulness, ritual and other revolutionary tools to facilitate and offer an elevated approach to activate your power, pleasure and purpose. 

My coaching is modeled after the methodologies of leading specialists and researched bioenergetic + somatic techniques, such as, NLP, Psych-K®, Access Bars®, Hypnosis, Mental Emotional Release®, Sacred Sexuality, The VITA™ Method and more.  

In-Person Coaching Sessions

Offers the added benefit of the magnificence of therapeutic touch where we can offer a healing supportive presence to deepen your experience. 

Virtual Coaching Sessions

 A dynamic experience that's still potent, but from the comfort of your chosen location.  Shutting off the video can offer another layer of privacy while being guided by our voice and intuitive instruction.

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