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Conscious Dating

Learn How to Manifest Exactly What You Want in a Partnership with Self-Love, Self-Confidence and Clarity so you Magnetize through Worth, Deservingness and Sexual Power


Virtual and In-Person Sessions



Are you ready to unlock the secrets to manifesting the partnership of your dreams? Dive into a journey of self-discovery where self-love, self-confidence, and clarity are your guiding stars. In this transformative experience, you'll learn how to harness your inner worth, embrace your deservingness, and ignite your sexual power. By aligning with these potent forces, you'll effortlessly magnetize the love and connection you desire. Say goodbye to settling and hello to Conscious Dating!


In-Person Coaching Sessions

Offers the added benefit of the magnificence of therapeutic touch where I can offer a healing supportive presence to deepen your experience. 

Virtual Coaching Sessions

 A dynamic experience that's still potent, but from the comfort of your chosen location.  Shutting off the video can offer another layer of privacy while being guided by my voice and intuitive instruction

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