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Children's Books


Garret began writing children's books just a few short years ago and now, it has evolved into more of a passion than just a simple dream.  Visually colorful and vibrant pictures combined with silly storylines make these books fun for all ages! He currently resides in Colorado along with his wife Ali and daughter Avalyn and loves being outdoors where imagination is brought to life and inspiration is all around. His next book is in the works and should be completed by this upcoming winter.  

Thanks for visiting and stayed tuned for his next book, "Fritz and the Fantastic Flower"!



The Writtens of BoBo Bittens is rhyme-tastic and fun for the whole family! This visually delightful story will take you into the world of BoBo Bittens, his kittens and more mittens than you can imagine. With silly rhymes, funny lines, a tiny mouse and a mitten house, this is one story you can keep reading    again and again for years to come. Enjoy!

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