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Breakthrough Coaching

A Breakthrough Coaching Process that uses Intuitive Guidance + Integrative Holistic Healing to Promote Empowerment, Personal Growth, Mindset Shifts + Inner Transformation. 


~Virtually or In-Person~ 



BreakthroughCoaching is a holistic process that can be done virtually or in-person, and is guided by my unique methodology, The Goddex Codes®. My coaching is a blend of energetic processes, somatic coaching techniques and revolutionary bioenergetic tools that facilitate greater awareness and transformative change by releasing negative emotions, limiting beliefs, chronic unresolved pain and trauma.

It focuses on releasing stress responses stored in the nervous system and unconscious mind to align your deepest desires with your core values, your conscious wisdom and manifestation power. 

This is a comprehensive and multifaceted pathway towards healing and unlocking your potential. Breakthrough Coaching sessions help you gain clarity, confidence, and motivation to achieve your goals, along with deeper self-awareness, emotional healing, and a renewed sense of purpose.

This is a wonderful opportunity for those seeking to heal what has felt stuck mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually or sexually. By working with a desire mapping process we discover the resistance and blockages so you can embody wholeness and discover your deepest truth. 

My Coaching is modeled after the methodologies of leading specialists, such as, NLP, Psych-K®, Access Bars®, Hypnosis, The VITA™ Method, MER® and more.  

Virtual Coaching Sessions

 A dynamic experience that's from the comfort of your chosen location.  Shutting off the video can offer another layer of privacy while being guided by my voice and intuitive instruction. 


In-Person Coaching Sessions

Offers the added benefit of the magnificence of therapeutic touch where I can offer a healing supportive presence to deepen your experience.




Sasha shared after her session, “I wanted to update you that the last embryo transfer in September was successful and I’m officially in the second trimester! I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for the work we were able to do to get my mind and body prepared for this and all the help you have been. You’ve definitely been a part of this crazy journey and I have been so grateful to have been connected with you!”

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