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Ali Jacobs,

Conscious Owner of Empowered Living

Ali Jacobs, Conscious Owner

Ali is the owner and creator of Empowered Living, a collective of intentional practitioners who offer wholistic healing for self-discovery. It’s been a dream of hers for as long as she can remember to create a space where people in her community can receive the support & nurturing guidance they need to manifest their life’s purpose. Her motivation and dedication to living a passionate and empowered life are truly inspiring. Her personal healing journey started when she was just an infant and the challenges she has faced have encouraged her to live an open hearted, God-centered life. Her true mission in life is to see other’s living an authentic life where they truly know that they DO KNOW, and that they CAN be, do, have and create anything and everything they desire!


Ali completed her 825 Hour Massage Therapy training at The Rocky Mountain Institute of Healing Arts in Durango, CO where she studied various therapeutic and integrated modalities ranging from Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Therapy, to Craniosacral, Hot Stone, and  Asian & Eastern Therapies. She has continued her education by completing The Be The Love Yoga Teach Training in Petoskey, MI in 2014 to become a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher and in 2012 she completed Level 1 of Thai Yoga Massage in Durango, CO. Ali completed her Reiki Level 1 in Petoskey, Mi in 2013 with Reiki Master Rev. Malinda Taylor, steming from the Present Lineage Head Dr. Ranga J. Premaratne. She has also received training and is a distributor of Young Living & Doterra Essential Oils and Life Force International. She has her Bachelor of Science degree from Ithaca College, NY. 


However, the training that has made the most contribution to her body and her life has been Access Consciousness. She has been an Access Bars Practitioner since 2015 and is on her way to becoming a Bars Facilitator and completing The Foundation training. She uses the tools, techniques and processes from Access to empower her clients in ares of money, relationships, finance and their body. She believes that a foundational change in consciousness can occur by working with the nervous system on an energetic and subconscious level. Her personal experience has been that by bringing harmony & equanimity into the body, you CAN become more conscious in every day life, you CAN eliminate the barriers that keep you from choosing, creating and receiving all the abundance, joy and adventure that you dream for. How could it get any better than that?!


She also enjoys offering meditation, ceremony, workshops, community bodywork and her therapeutic oxygen bar at her business located in Durango,CO. 


She is joyfully married and continues to see the world from a different point of view because of her beautiful and energetic daughter. They love camping, traveling, and being entrepreneurs’ together. 



Ali graduated Ithaca College with a B.A. in Exercise Science and a minor in Outdoor Education. She completed her 825 Hour Training at The Rocky Mountain Institute of Healing Arts in Durango, CO in 2006. She has over 10 years of experience and is trained in a wide variety of massage therapy techniques. She is dedicated to customizing a therapeutic session based on your needs by incorporating a variety of approaches to therapeutic bodywork including, but not limited to, Swedish massage, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, reflexology, thai & asian modalities, myofascial release, passive stretching, trigger point therapy, sports massage, prenatal massage and so much more! She aslo has training in Reiki, nutrition, personal training, yoga, essential oils and Access Consioussness Bars to furth enhance your session. Ali will integrate these approaches for a variety of health-related purposes, including to relieve pain, rehabilitate sports injuries, reduce stress & trauma, increase relaxation, address anxiety and depression, and generally to bring a deeper sense of balance to the mind & body. 


Every Body is in trusting, honest hands. 


Ali graduated Ithaca College with a B.A. in Exercise Science and a minor in Outdoor Education. Ali was introduced to yoga at a very young age by her mother. She can remember at age 7 learning about the importance of breath work. Yoga continued to guide her through her personal growth ever since. She has practiced all kinds of yoga all over the country. She completed her 200 Hour Be The Love Yoga Training in Petoskey, MI in 2014 and her 40 Hour Vimana Hot Yoga Training in Durango, CO in 2015. She is dedicated in offering classes that are challenging but deeply mindful. She integrates various approaches from vimana, vinyasa, yin, hatha, kundalini, restorative and praynayama (breath work) to create a well balanced practice for all levels of students. 







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